Lunches for Everyone

Creative and Healthy Lunch Box Recipes

Published Aug 03

Mobile Lunches

With school starting soon and offices opening back up, it's time to plan some lunches that can go anywhere! If you, your spouse, or your kids are tired of eating PB&J's every day at work or school, check out these creative and healthy lunch recipes. I've picked my favorites from a few bloggers for you to choose from! If you'd like to see more from these bloggers, please go to Celebrating Sweets, Sweet Pees & Saffron, Family Fresh Meals, and Kitchn. These recipes are quick to make, healthy, interesting for adults, and yummy for kids. Enjoy!

Mix & Match Recipes

For these mix and match recipes, you can pretty much pick any item from any recipe until you fill your lunch box! All of these recipes and images are from Allison over at Celebrating Sweets. These are some of my personal favorites, but she has lots of other options on her website that I've linked. By the way, none of these recipes require reheating!

Mix & Match Lunches

1. Ingredients: Peanut butter & banana roll-ups, cherry tomatoes, celery with cream cheese, strawberries, blueberries, and dark chocolate covered raisins

2. Ingredients: Pesto pasta, mini bell peppers, raspberries, string cheese, and mini peanut butter cup

3. Ingredients: Ham and spinach roll-ups, trail mix, watermelon, crackers and cheese, and dark chocolate chips

    No-Cook Recipes

    Here you'll find some of my favorite no-cook recipes. They're easy and so creative! You can find all of these recipes and images at Sweet Peas and Saffron. Click on each line to go to the recipe!

    Bento Boxes
    1. Greek Pita Bento Box
    2. Spring Strawberry Bento Box
    3. English Muffin Breakfast Box
    4. No-Cook Taco Salad Bento Box

    Other Favorites

    Here are some other creative recipes to keep lunch interesting! These recipes and images came from Kitchn and Family Fresh Meals. Click on each line to go to the corresponding recipes!

    1. Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad
    2. Rainbow Vegetable Spring Roll
    3. Chicken Piccata
    4. Cool Ranch Crockpot Chicken Tacos or Tostadas

    Lunches for Everyone

    Whether you were looking for lunches for yourself, your spouse, or your kids, I hope this helps you find some recipes to try that everyone will love! As always, snap some pictures as you try your new recipes and tag us @greensprairiereserve on Facebook or Instagram. We love to see you enjoying your new Greens Prairie Reserve kitchens!

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